Travel Hacking

For those not familiar, travel hacking is a method used by frequent travelers to earn free flights, accommodations, and deep travel discounts. It can be a daunting topic, especially if your new to the world of  travel or credit card rewards. Don’t sweat it though, you’ve got hundreds of resources right at your fingertips. Remember, your not the only wanderer to travel on a budget, use travel hacking to score great deals.

Regrettably, we avoided the subject for over a year. This foolish mistake has likely cost us hundreds of dollars. We finally delved into the art in June 2017. So far, we’ve been able to score two international tickets to Europe for a mere $225.

Here’s How:

We booked early, with budget airline Icelandair. This airline flies from the US, to Europe, with a stopover in Reykjavik, Iceland. For no extra cost, they allow you to extend that stopover, for up to a week. We’ll stay 5 nights before catching a second flight to Paris. Amazingly, this flight cost us a total of $800 for two. Icelandair’s amazing deal was even better booked in advance. It helps that we’ll be flying during the shoulder season, I imagine the tickets to be more costly in peak summer.

Flight Proof2

As we’ve grown, we’ve learned to take better care of our credit. The more we cut our costs, the easier it is. We pay bills and transfer money like clock-work. With increased credit, we opened a Barclay Arrival World Elite Mastercard.

Card Benefis

  • ZERO foreign transaction fees!
  • Chip-enabled technology
  • 50,000 Bonus Miles by spending $3,000 on purchases within 90 days of open
  • Earn 2x miles on every purchase
  • 5% miles back with every redemption
  • Complimentary FICO score access

By spending $3,000 on purchases in the first three months of opening the card we earned 50,000 bonus miles, accumulating 7,500 points in the process. For this card, you can redeem miles when you’ve earned at least 10,000- which are worth $100. With the travel statement credit for our earned miles, and the bonus miles, we paid only $225 for flight tickets. Since then, we’ve been able to bank another $100 credit. Total, that’s $600 for nothing other than using our card. We’ve replaced all other forms of payment, and use the card for every purchase. We’ll wait to use the card abroad before giving it a full recommendation.

Travel Credits

While we’ve only dipped our toes in subject of travel hacking, we’re loving the results. We’ll keep you updated when we learn about more great freebies. If you’d like to know more about travel hacking, take a visit to your local library. Ha! Just kidding… Google is your friend, my friend.



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