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Flying out of the dusty Middle East, we’ll land on the lush subcontinent of India. A diamond in the rough, this country is famed for being unlike any other. We’ll spend about a month here, adjusting to the culture shock, the heat, and the crowds. While India can be a life-changing place to visit, it is not easy travel. I’ve read many blogs which state, “Its not if you’ll get sick, its when!” Despite this, we plan to visit the Taj Mahal and other tourist sites on a month-long journey toward the Himalayas. We’ll then trek into Nepal with Mt. Everest as an awe-inspiring backdrop.

Wall of China.jpg
The Great Wall- China

Following Nepal, we’ll fly into Beijing, China. On another month-long journey, we’ll cross the country from north to south. Of course we’ll visit the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. We’ll also tour around futuristic Shanghai. Ascending the Yellow Mountains by cable car, we’ll be able to take in the scenic limestone vistas that China is well known for. By boat, train, and bus, we’ll work our way down, to South East Asia.


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Ha Long Bay- Vietnam

The Banana Pancake Trail is a collection of amazing destinations for backpackers, around SEA. The trail gets its name from a popular breakfast item that is sold in many guest houses, along the way. Our plan is to join the circuit in Vietnam. Working clockwise around the map, we’ll visit the most spectacular sights on this well-traveled tourist route. We’ll float through the beautiful Ha Long Bay, meditate at the temples of Angkor Wat, and dance through the night at a Full Moon Party on Ko Pha Ngan. Eventually, we’ll work our way down through Malaysia, Singapore, and into Indonesia. We’ll end our Asian adventure in the paradise of Bali.


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*All photos used with permission, soon the be replaced with our own!

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