Somewhere in the Middle

Crossing the Straight of Gibraltar by ferry, we’ll enter Morocco through the port city of Tangier. Traveling south, through the blue walls of Chefchaouen, we’ll visit the popular tourist cities of Fes and Marrakesh. On the backs of camels, we’ll travel and camp overnight in the Sahara Desert. We’ll finish our time here by soaking up the sun on the western coast.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

A short plane ride from Morocco lies ancient Egypt, where we’ll visit Giza and the great city of Cairo. Then, we’ll enjoy a taste of the desert in the remote outposts at the Western Oases. Following the Nile River Valley south from Luxor, we’ll visit many ancient wonders. Egypt deleteFinally, we hope to try diving in the Red Sea, and spend some time in the Sinai Peninsula.

A bus takes us through the desert, to Israel. Walking the same streets as Jesus, we’ll visit Jerusalem and other Holy sites. After floating in the therapeutic minerals of the Dead Sea, we’ll travel to Petra, the ancient archaeological site in Jordan.

From Israel we’ll fly to Turkey. The geography of this country shines and there are several locations that we want to visit. The pools of Pamukkale and strange rocks of Cappadocia are among them. Most of our time in this country will be spent enjoying the cuisine and history in Istanbul. Next up, Greece!

In Greece, we plan to visit all the usual tourist sites in addition to the Monasteries of Meteora. I’ve been fascinated with these clifftop dwellings since I first learned of them. From Thessaloniki, we’ll travel to Athens and stay a few days in the ancient city. By this point of the trip, we’ll be on to our 7th ferry ride. This time, on our way to some much needed R&R on the Greek Islands.

We’ll finish our tour of the Middle East in the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are countries well-known for their wealth and modern culture. They will be a stark contrast to some of the less fortunate countries we’ll visit on our trip. During our short stay, we hope to see some of the fascinating architecture, visit Palm Island, and climb the Burj Kalefa.

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Greek Island.jpg

*We’ve received permission to use all of these photos, we hope to have our own to share soon!

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