Master Expense Ledger

I don’t often stop to think about the man-hours that go into creating internet content. All the information that you’ve read had to be input by someone. Someone had to care enough to do the work, upload the menu, take the picture, write the story.  Imagine if everyone around us was recording and storing information on the internet. We’d be able to plan our trips down to the last dollar. We’d know exactly how much an order of Tom Yum Soup from the stall down the road, from our future hostel, was going to cost. Unfortunately, not many of us have time to do this. Fortunately, we do.

We’re going to record every expense, everywhere, everyday.  We’ll compile an incredible amount of information, to help you plan. I’ve thought long and hard about the best way to present it and decided on a spreadsheet. They’ve always been my strong suit and offer an organized platform.

Below is a link to Our Master Expense Ledger. Many of the pages contain links to additional content and information. Links appear in blue underlined text. To visit these links, hover over the text. Then, click the link in the box that appears above. On each spreadsheet is a “return to main screen” button. We’ll be constantly adding to this spreadsheet, so please check back often!


Master Ledger Picture


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