As you can imagine, planning a world trip is a monumental task. Speaking from experience, this is especially true for the perfectionist type. Luckily, you’ll find that much of the hard work has been done for you. While you’ll have to scour the web to find specific information for the countries you want to visit, you aren’t the first person to do so. There are plenty of resources and services to help you along the way, thanks to thousands of wanderers before you. You’ll find planning is more of a scavenger hunt, rather than a full-on investigation. So please, consider us another solid clue along your way.

Click the links below for help planning your trip. We’re working hard to expand our content, thank you for your patience.


  • Travel Hacking| how we scored international flights for less than $115 each
  • Gear- backpacks, electronics, and more
  • Vaccines- coming soon!
  • Visas




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