Photos- new photos added!

Homesick| photos of Wisconsin & the Midwest

Spring Break| Louisiana wetland restoration

100 Days of Photos| practice with a new camera

Videos- new videos added!

Time-lapse Practice| Sunsets on Whitewater Lake, Wisconsin

Video Diary| my first Vlog post

The Osmo| cinematic practice videos

Drone Shots

Practice| Whitewater Lake Area- Wisconsin

*All works are property of Danica Rowan & Andrew Jones.

2 thoughts on “Galleries

  1. Judy Shoaf Reply

    My friend Gail met you at The Abbey in Lake Geneva. I’ve started following your adventures. You are wonderful travelers, artists, and philosophers. I’m glad you are out there exploring this amazing world.
    Wanderlust is part of my DNA having been passed on to me by generations of adventurists and peaceful explorers.
    At eighteen a girlfriend and I saved a few thousand dollars and spent a year living in London then hitchhiked throughout Europe and across N Africa. That trip taken in 1964 gave me an appreciation for our world and fellow mankind … a philosophy that has sustained me throughout my life. At 72 I still travel.. I have to, it is pure joy. I look forward to your travel blog.
    Safe travels,
    Judy Shoaf
    Great book: Madre de Dios

    1. Danica Reply

      Judy, thank you your kind message and compliments! I’m so sorry it took so long to respond. You’re right, travel is an itch that can’t quite be scratched. The more miles we put on, the farther we want to go. But it has indeed changed our life’s outlook in so many ways. How awesome that your wanderlust has followed you through all of your life so far, a goal we can aspire to. I’ll say you’ve got more guts than us, we haven’t hitched a ride….yet! We’re headed to backpack in Morocco in a few days, I hope I’ll finally have time to catch up on this blog then. Thanks again for your interest! Keep travelin <3

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