Where Have You Been?

 I’m sure that’s what you’re all wondering. Two years of planning this big adventure, preparing to bring you along with… and yet my blog remains mostly untouched, my social media silent, and my instagram unused. Many of you have asked and I’m finally ready to answer.  more “Where Have You Been?”

Jetlag & The Blue Lagoon

After a brief demonstration from the kind guys at Lava Auto, we were off. Our original plan was to spend the morning exploring Reykjavik, before ending our first day at the Blue Lagoon. Because of our delayed arrival, we didn’t have much time before our 5:30 reservations. In a move all to common for us, we picked a direction and drove. more “Jetlag & The Blue Lagoon”

A New Begining

Our flight to Iceland was scheduled to depart Chicago at 6:30pm on February 25th. The day had finally come after years of planning, months of preparations, and a frantic, weeklong game of catch up. In just 6 days, we’d quit our jobs, got rid of our belongings, and moved out of our house. Needless to say, we were finally ready for a fresh start.  more “A New Begining”

Video Diary

Check here often to keep up with us during our great, and not so great, adventures! Follow our youtube channel so you don’t miss a beat!  more “Video Diary”

Raising Phoenix

I consider myself lucky to have grown up with so many great cousins. They were the source of my first friendships, my first adventures, and my first fights. While I don’t see them frequently as an adult, I know we could pick up where we left off, in the blink of eye.  more “Raising Phoenix”

How Much Does it Cost?

How much does it cost to travel the world?

Goal Measuring.JPGThis common question in the travel blog community is an impossible question to answer.  Unless you’ve ordered your trip from a vacation catalog, and even then, there are too many variables. A better question, and one I can answer, is “How little CAN travel cost”? more “How Much Does it Cost?”


Growing up, I struggled greatly with writing. I found it difficult to translate my thoughts into written text- too much of a perfectionist. Poetry was my solution; it came easily to me. I’ve found that I still tend to turn to poetry to express my deeper thoughts. With all insecurities aside, I present this short poem about life’s milestones and living in the moment. more “Milestones”

A New Lease on Life

America is a land dominated by cars. Our cities are sprawling while our public transit lacks, at least in comparison to our European counterparts. The vast openness of our continent makes driving more of a necessity, than a luxury. Its no wonder then that the love for speed and horsepower runs thick in our blood. Earning a driver’s license is a right of passage and our teenage years are spent behind the wheel. Children eagerly await their sixteenth birthdays, while older generations tell fond memories of muscle cars and drive-in movies. It is out of this love for driving that the road trip was born.  more “A New Lease on Life”