Jetlag & The Blue Lagoon

After a brief demonstration from the kind guys at Lava Auto, we were off. Our original plan was to spend the morning exploring Reykjavik, before ending our fist day at the Blue Lagoon. Because of our delayed arrival, we didn’t have much time before our 5:30 reservations. In a move all to common for us, we picked a direction and drove. We were headed toward what we thought was Reykjavik when we spotted the Bonus.

If you’ve done any research, at all, about Iceland, you’ll know of Bonus. They’re Iceland’s main, and basically only, discount grocer. Using the word discount, when referring to Iceland is an oxymoron. Nothing in Iceland is cheap, except the flights that take you there. Nonetheless, I’ll give them the credit they have due, they’re a way to lesson the toll that Iceland takes on your wallet. The Bonus shopping experience is one that deserves a better explanation, I’ll be sure to write about that soon. We left Bonus with hotdogs and sandwich meat, as we had yet to find fuel for our camp stove. After a quick bite to eat in the parking lot, we were back on the road.

The volcanic landscape near Reykjavik is like nothing we’d ever seen. We’d often use the word “moonscape” to describe it. Lava fields stretched to the horizon, as far as our eyes could see; craggy, crater-filled rocks, covered in snow and moss. I can only imagine what kind of creatures can eke out an existence there. We drove for a while, admiring our surroundings before entering the outskirts of Reykjavik. A few too many times around the roundabouts (little did we know what England would have in store for us)  and we’d found ourselves a nice little coastal car park (European word for parking lot) to have a nap, to rest up for the Blue Lagoon.

Endless Fields of Lava Rock


I didn’t know when I picked my blog name, just how much Jetlag would affect me. My struggle started on the first day and continued for the first week of our trip. When I woke up from my nap I was still tired, and quite crabby. I even had a small breakdown when I realized I’d forgotten almost ALL my SD cards. So much for taking any video footage in Iceland (don’t worry, I made it work). While it seems silly to write about faults such as these, I want you to know that travel isn’t always fun, smooth, or easy. There are still days when I want nothing more than to be home. Thankfully, there is usually a rainbow after the storm, our time at the Blue Lagoon was just that.

Enjoying the Thermal Waters of the Blue Lagoon

Despite the whipping, bitter wind, we relaxed and floated in the Lagoon for several hours. I’ll spare the details, as it deserves an article all of its own. Shriveled and “pruney”, we returned to our van to find a place to sleep for the night. Too tired to care, we picked a parking lot near the Tjornin Pond in Reykjavik and fell asleep. We slept well, cuddled in the warmth of our van’s Webasto heater.


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