Dear Diary- It Snowed in England!!


It snowed in England!! I’d have to guess this doesn’t happen much here, based solely on observation. While the amount of snow was significant (4 inches) based on most people’s standards, theirĀ  reaction to it was astounding. Traffic on the dual-carriageway roads, think freeways, moved at a snail’s pace despite fairly decent conditions. On the side roads, traffic backed up as many stopped and abandoned their vehicles where they sat, too terrified to move forward. It was apparently so intense that even the emergency crews weren’t responding, which was made evident by the number of wrecked cars left to sit, no attention given by police or tow trucks. It was all quite comical to two Wisconsin natives who now had the streets of England to themselves. I guess that’s one reason to thank the Lord we were born in a land of snow and bitter winters.

Near White-Out Conditions
An Overturned Car- no emergency crews at the scene even hours later
The Abandoned Scene of a Head-On Collision


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