Jetlag & The Blue Lagoon

After a brief demonstration from the kind guys at Lava Auto, we were off. Our original plan was to spend the morning exploring Reykjavik, before ending our first day at the Blue Lagoon. Because of our delayed arrival, we didn’t have much time before our 5:30 reservations. In a move all to common for us, we picked a direction and drove. more “Jetlag & The Blue Lagoon”

A New Begining

Our flight to Iceland was scheduled to depart Chicago at 6:30pm on February 25th. The day had finally come after years of planning, months of preparations, and a frantic, weeklong game of catch up. In just 6 days, we’d quit our jobs, got rid of our belongings, and moved out of our house. Needless to say, we were finally ready for a fresh start.  more “A New Begining”

Video Diary

Check here often to keep up with us during our great, and not so great, adventures! Follow our youtube channel so you don’t miss a beat!  more “Video Diary”