Raising Phoenix

I consider myself lucky to have grown up with so many great cousins. They were the source of my first friendships, my first adventures, and my first fights. While I don’t see them frequently as an adult, I know we could pick up where we left off, in the blink of eye.

My cousin Jesi and I have always been two peas in a pod. We’d always ask our parents to stay over at each other’s house for “just one more night”. We’d spend weeks at a time with each other as a child and loved it. Whether is was four wheeling, bale jumping, or Rugrat Soup Picnics, we always had a blast. Though we haven’t met up in years, we’re still kindred spirits. We recently discovered a mutual interest in blogging.

Jesi’s blog, Wandering Nirvana, is the story of her nature-loving family and their outdoor escapades. Follow along as she tells the story of her and Jason falling in love, and setting off towards adventure. Along the way, they had some surprises and now they’re a family of three! She writes about their love for the outdoors and adventures hiking with a toddler. After a recent illness, Jesi found motivation to get back on the move. Luckily, she’s taking us this time. Follow her blog as she takes us with her each week on her 52 Week Hike Challenge. She’s also planning to do a writing series about Camping in Wisconsin.

Jesi’s writing features her young son Phoenix, who comes with on many of the adventures. She’s instilling in him independence, resourcefulness, and a love for the outdoors. While her writing and the photos she takes are amazing, the real beauty here is getting to watch her raising Phoenix. I’m very lucky to be related to such a strong, beautiful, talented person.

Please follow Jesi, Jason, & Phoenix: WanderingNirvana.com

Jesi, Jason, & Phoenix- out for an adventure

Photo of Jesi and family is property of wanderingnirvana.com


How Much Does it Cost?

How much does it cost to travel the world?

Goal Measuring.JPGThis common question in the travel blog community is an impossible question to answer. Unless you’ve ordered your trip from a vacation catalog, and even then, there are too many variables. A better question, and one I can answer, is “How little CAN travel cost?”. Ultimately, travel expenses depend on your need for a good night’s rest, your hygiene standards, and your willpower. While you can assume what your needs will be, you won’t really know till you’re there.

To better plan for your trip, you’ll need to set a budget. Your budget will be determined by the amount of time you have. If you know how long you’ll be gone, it’s easier to set a realistic goal. Generally speaking, you can get by in most countries on $50 – $100 per day, per person. If you saved for that, plus flight tickets and gear, you’d be just fine. Its more difficult for extended or open-ended trips. This is our scenario. We’re planning to travel the world until our money runs out. To set our budget we did some research, decided when we wanted to leave, and calculated how much we could save in that amount of time.

In April of 2016, we set our original savings goal at $20,000. A week later, it was $50,000. While we’re not there yet, it looks like we’ll be able to hit that goal. We’re going to document every dollar, euro, dirham, and rupee we spend. Our hope is that by the end of our journey, we’ll be able to show you how little travel can cost. You’ll be able to learn from both our discoveries, and our mistakes. If you’re interested to find out how much we’ve spent so far, please click the link below.


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