Growing up, I struggled greatly with writing. I found it difficult to translate my thoughts into written text- too much of a perfectionist. Poetry was my solution; it came easily to me. I’ve found that I still tend to turn to poetry to express my deeper thoughts. With all insecurities aside, I present this short poem about life’s milestones and living in the moment.

Listening to people’s reactions about my plans to travel has been thought provoking. Why do people often spend their life, waiting for their life to start? They hold tightly to their subconscious belief that “when they grow up”  all their dreams will come true. They’re only wasting the time they could use to achieve them.  Please, whatever you want to do, do it now!



Driver’s license – Diploma

College – Career

Marriage – Kids

Retirement –                 


They say happiness is just around the corner

So you run through life, searching for what’s next.

You think about where you’ll go, not how you’ll get there.

You’ll finally get to enjoy yourself at last!

So you’re settling, but only in the meantime.

It’s not good, but it’s also not that bad.

I’m sure true happiness is almost yours now.

Perhaps your next big milestone is where it’s to be had.

Maybe you’ll be happy when you get that big promotion.

Or when your lover gets down on one knee.

When you finally get to see all your grandkids

all together at your retirement party.

So you’ll sprint, full speed toward tomorrow

Only just passing through today

But don’t forget that your life’s last milestone

will be the big carved stone that sits upon your grave

-Danica Rowan


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