11 Signs You’ve Caught the Travel Bug


Close that WebMD tab, its wanderlust. Once infected, the only cure is to pack your bags and hop on a plane. But its not that easy, taking a trip takes hours of research and planning. During this process, you’ll find yourself on a roller coaster of thoughts and emotions. If you’re caught in any of the scenarios or feelings described below, rest assured its all part of the process.

1. The A+ Student
From the moment you decided to take your trip, you were obsessed. You could have written a thesis with the amount of time you’ve spent researching your adventure. Your constantly charting routes and plotting itineraries for foreign destinations. Not only are you planning a trip abroad, your also gaining a wealth of knowledge about the world. Be sure to write down what you’ve learned, you never know when you’ll need to reference it again.

2. The Daydreamerhead-2146161_1920_burned
You find that thinking about the trip is a mental escape. Every chance you get, your’re painting images of scenic vistas, ancient monuments, and exotic cuisines in your mind. Eventually, you start treating your chance to think as a commodity. Scheduling “think time” will be like setting a date. Be careful not to get too involved, remember to enjoy the present. Don’t spend the whole summer with your head in the clouds.


Frog Travel3. Long Gone
When you’ve read today’s forecast for Prague, before your own town, you might as well already be gone. Eventually, you’ll find that you know the time in several different zones at once and wonder what the people living in them are doing. There are many great travel apps that are not only good for planning, but also great tools to take on the road.

4. Panic Attack
Described as the moment when the reality of your plans and your situation hits you. This happens several times throughout the planning process, the closer your trip gets. You’ll wake-up questioning yourself and your plans to leave everything behind. The longer trip you’re going to take, the stronger those feelings will be. Don’t let these moments overcome you and change your mind. Remember, regretting never trying will be the worst feeling of all.

 5. Pipe Dream

Feel embarrassed talking about your plans? This insecurity stems from our society’s disapproval of long term travel. Maybe this is different in other countries, but Americans aren’t always the most globally traveled people. Its easy to feel like your dreams are far-fetched and foolish if everyone around you doubts them. Don’t let it get you down, prove them wrong.

6. The Braggart

Overcoming #5 often leads to feeling like a brag. Even when sharing negative emotions or aspects of the trip planning process, its hard to imagine anyone feeling sorry for you. “I’m sorry you didn’t get any sleep because you were up purchasing discount tickets to French Polynesia,” please! You’ll find yourself avoiding the topic, so people don’t think you’re braggy.

7. The Citizen Tourist

Your longing for travel will lead you to become a tourist in your own hometown. You’ll finally discover that little Spanish market down the road and the authentic Italian Restaurant in the next town over. Familiar surroundings still have plenty of surprises in store, for those who look. Use this mini-vacations to put your wanderlust at bay until the start of the trip.

Language Books

 8. Reality Bites
Much like the Panic Mode, you’ll have sudden moments when you realize how hard this is actually going to be. You’ll have to navigate language barriers and foreign laws. You’ll experience unique cultures, that will only have you scratching your head. Not to mention, the jetlag, sore feet, and physical exhaustion. While all these things are part of the excitement, its hard not to get freaked out.

9. The Rusher

Overtime, stress, and a lack of sleep can really wear a person down. If fact, it leads to days when you’ll have to stop yourself from buying the next ticket outta here. For a person with money and a passport, the temptation is much more real. Luckily, a lack of funds will keep you grounded. You’ll leave when your ready, even if its earlier than you originally planned.

10. The Over-thinker

What are you running from?
What will you do when you return?
What if you get hurt?

Don’t overthink it, it’s dangerous to your plans. It won’t be easy, many people will ask you those same questions. But you can’t spend your time worrying, it won’t change the outcome. You’ll figure it all out once your there.

11. Silent Satisfaction

Knowing that you are about to ditch the daily problems and stress, gives you a sense of satisfaction. On bad days, you’ll remember your plans and end the day with a reason to smile. It’s a secretive feeling that you’ve got an “out”. You’ll stop sweating the small stuff, because every day will be one day closer to your dreams.

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