It costs a fortune to travel the world. That statement is a common misconception held by many would-be travelers. Truth is, you don’t have to be rich at all. Don’t believe it? We’re here to prove it to you!  Who are we? Meet the ordinary people behind an extraordinary adventure.

Sadly, most people who dream of traveling the word don’t do it. If you asked them why, you’d hear the same answers. “I can’t leave my job.” “I can’t afford it.” “I’m waiting for the right time.” I used to think this way too. I spent many years waiting for the right time to travel. A time when money wasn’t an issue or a time when my schedule wasn’t so tight. I’ve finally decided that there is no perfect timing, and I’m not going to wait anymore.

By March of 2018, we’ll have sold our belongings, quit our jobs, and said goodbye to our loved ones. We’ll board a plane bound for Paris, with no plans for return. Our travels will take us to the ends of the earth, through deserts and across oceans. We’ll sip pints of Guinness in Dublin, tour the pyramids at Giza, and eat street food from a market in Bangkok. Just like the hundreds of travel blogs we read to plan our trip, we’d love to help you plan yours. So stick with us, and we’ll show you that the right time to travel is now!

Who are we?

Danica Lynn Rowan – Born in 1990 and raised on a dairy farm in Sparta Wisconsin. At age 22, Danica moved away to attend college for a degree in Hospitality. Shortly before leaving, she met the love of her life. In a leap of faith, the two moved away together to a house by the lake in Southern Wisconsin. Danica earned her degree and jumped quickly into the industry, achieving rapid career growth.In Love

Andrew Jones – Born in 1987, Andrew also grew up in Sparta. He was raised in a family of successful entrepreneurs. After high school, Andrew attended college and earned a degree in CNC Machining. Despite an  advancing career, Andrew has had his heart set on travel for years and looks forward to ditching the daily grind.

Q’s & A’s

Q. Where did this crazy idea come from?

Danica:  Its an “If not now, when?” kind of situation. We both hate working constantly and have a desire to travel. I woke up with the idea one day and we’ve been planning ever since.

Andrew:  It was a no-brainer. I’ve always wanted to travel, long before I met her. I think I’ll be glad I waited.

Q. Why now?

Danica:  Travel has always been my biggest dream, and its the only one I haven’t achieved yet. I know I’m rather young to be saying that, but its true. I always wanted to get my degree, fall in love, and live by the water. Check, check, and check! Maybe I should be focused on starting a family, but I’ve decided to wait. Truthfully, children scare the crap out of me! So, I’ve decided to put the domestic life on hold and enjoy myself.

Q. How on earth will you afford this?

Danica:  In my opinion, saving money is the easiest part of the process. After the first month, I looked forward to watching the balance grow. We’ve been working as much overtime as our jobs allow and are cutting corners financially. We eat at home, turn down the heat, and avoid going out. Andrew and I have each saved at least $1,000 per month, for over a year. Our tax returns, gifts, and other incomes have all went into the saving account.

Andrew:  It’s the small things. My advice is to pay at the pump. Not entering the gas station is a great way to avoid impulse purchases. We all know how small things such as coffee and snacks can add up.

Q. How much does it cost?

Danica:  This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the travel blogging world. Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer for you…at least not yet! We’ll start our trip with $50,000 and keep going until we run out of money. I’m not expecting we’ll be able to visit everywhere we’ve planed to, but we’ll never know till we try. As we travel, we’ll save our receipts and log our expenses. Once we’ve done it, we’ll tell you how much it cost us, so you can save up for a trip of your own.

Q. Doesn’t your plan seem a bit unrealistic?

Danica: Yes, probably. I say plan for the trip you want to take and figure the rest out once you’re there. I’d rather run out of time than run out of things to do.

Q. How can you just leave your job, family, and responsibilities?

Danica:  Leaving my job and responsibilities will be the easy part. Sure, I’ve advanced my career considerably and will walk away from a significant promotion…but who cares? I’m not happy living to work. I’d rather work hard for a goal, then enjoy it. Work will be there when I get back…and so will my resume.

Leaving my family is the hard part. Not because I’m a particularly dependent person, but because they are worried. Its totally normal and completely expected, but I can’t let it stop me. I’ll sit down with them before the trip and tell them my plans. I’ll also be sure to keep in touch once I’m on the road.

Andrew:  Screw work! Save your money, then truly enjoy it.

Did we answer your question? If not, submit one to us an we’ll post an answer!

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