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cropped-atlas.jpgWe left on February 25, 2018. We quit our jobs, ditched all our stuff, and moved out of our house. We were finally off on our adventure, to travel the world. We’ve spent the past 7 months road tripping through Europe. We lived, ate, and slept in our car, which we converted into a camper van.  We drove 25,000 miles, visited 29 countries, and had the time of our lives! Now, with nothing more than a carry-on, we’re backpacking through Northern Africa. We’re not sure where we’ll go from here, but we’re sure it won’t be home!

We spent almost two years planning and researching this adventure. We’ve relied on the blogs of countless world travelers who have come before us; it’s finally our turn to pay it forward. So, we’re documenting and sharing our adventure with you here! Whether you’re fighting off jet lag on an airport bench in Berlin, fueling your own case of wanderlust, or are simply a loved one, looking to keep in touch- you’ve come to the right place.

What will you find on Jetlag & Wanderlust?

  • Helpful hints and tips for planning your big trip abroad
  • European road trip facts and tips- for 29 Countries!
  • DRONE SHOTS of Europe!!
  • Detailed and current information about some of the world’s best travel destinations
  • An answer to the question, “How much does it cost to travel?”
  • Photos and videos from around the world
  • Short articles about travel and travel Destinations
  • A Sense of Wanderlust- It’ll make you want to travel!

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