A Road Trip Through Europe

13,000 miles, 7 months, 20 countries

Here’s the plan:

After a farewell from our families, we’ll bid adieu to America, with a one-way ticket to Paris.  On the way, we’ll take advantage of a free stopover in Iceland. Volcanoes, geysers, and the Northern Lights are all common phenomena on this rugged island. We’ll spend a week exploring, before continuing our flight to Europe.

Reykjavík, Iceland

France will serve as the launch pad for our European road trip adventure. We’ll start by spending a week getting to know Paris. We’ll explore its romantic streets, visit the catacombs, and climb the Eiffel tower. Eventually, we’ll work our way through the French countryside, to the port city of Calais. Here, we’ll pick up our French travel companion, a 2017 Citroen Berlingo. This vehicle will serve as both our home, and our transportation, for the next 6 months. Our plan is made possible with the installation of a boot jump, or campervan conversion. This setup will provide us with a bed, a table, and a cooking area. It won’t be luxury living, but it will save us money. We’ll pick up the boot jump in the UK, where we’ll spend some time making it a home. Then, once we’ve fully outfitted our rig, well explore our surroundings in Southern England & Whales.

Citroen Berlingo: our new home!

Crossing to Ireland by ferry, we’ll spend a month adapting to our nomadic lifestyle. During our time on the Emerald Isle, we’ll spend St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin and travel the world’s longest defined coastal route. The Wild Atlantic Way is 1,600 miles from start to finish. Starting in the southeast near Cork, it wraps around the island and up the western coast. The route offers sights such as The Skellig Islands, the Cliffs of Moher, and Giant’s Causeway. When possible, we’ll be capturing stunning footage with our DJI Mavic Pro drone.

Cliffs of Moher – Ireland


Returning to the UK, we’ll drive south through the Scottish Highlands and Edinburgh. We’ll reach London and spend some time roaming it’s royal alleys. From there its back to the coast, and one last ferry returning to Calais. Now, we’ll begin our clockwise tour around the European continent. Through Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden, we’ll drive and camp all the way to the Norwegian city of Trondheim. Along the way, we’ll capture the beauty of the Fjords and the Atlantic Ocean Road, with the Mavic.

The Troll's Road
The Troll’s Road- Norway

Plunging back down into Denmark and Germany, we’ll need to hop out of the Schengen region for a while, to avoid overstaying our welcome. On the way, we’ll visit the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, and finally Romania. In Romania, we will tour Dracula’s Castle and the drive the iconic Transfăgărășan road. Then, its back to the Schengen, across Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and into Croatia. The Croatian National Park Plitvace is a highlight in the region, and a great finish to our brief tango with the Eastern Bloc.

Plitvace National Park – Croatia

The final leg of the trip will begin in Italy. The Italian countryside is home to many fantastic road trips that will take us from Venice, through the Vatican, and down to Rome. Then, we’ll turn around and head back up the country, to Switzerland and Monaco. We’re very excited to spend some time among the Alps. Finally, we ditch the Berlingo in Barcelona, leaving us with only our backpacks. Traveling by bus and staying in hostels, we will explore parts of Spain and Portugal. Eventually, we’ll exit Europe through the Straight of Gibraltar.

Granada, Spain

So there it is, our bat-shit crazy plan. Is it smart? Is it safe? Is it even possible?….follow us to find out!


{CLICK HERE} if you’re curious about the next leg of our trip – The Middle East

-All photos taken from other, public sources. Soon we will have our own spectacular photos to share with you!

13 thoughts on “A Road Trip Through Europe

  1. Patricia-Ann Que Reply

    now this is an adventure! u got me thinking of actually doing europe as the plan is only iceland this year! yikes!

    1. DR Reply

      Great, my hope is to motivate others to travel, or to help them realize that its not that far fetched after all. How long will your trip be for?

  2. Angel Lou Reply

    Gosh so pretty. I wish it was so easy to visit there..

    1. DR Reply

      Thanks! Can I ask what’s holding you back?

      1. Angel Lou Reply

        But one day.. I know one day will come that I will visit

        1. DR Reply

          Understandable. I asked because I’d like to show people its more realistic than they think…but I don’t know what it takes to travel for citizens of other countries. I hope you get to someday!

          1. Angel Lou

            It is really hard, esp like me that come from a 3rd world country.. they are too strict.. hopefully someday. I believe in miracles so hehe

  3. Carol Reply

    What an amazing adventure you have planned. I’m very excited for you and to read more about your journeys abroad!

    1. DR Reply

      Thank you! I can’t wait to share the experience as it happens. Thanks for your interest.

  4. Moira Toner Reply

    A Month in Ireland!! Now that’s the way to travel. I’ll offer a few notes in honor of your last day of work!

    Dublin – Toner’s Pub near St. Stephens Green, Oldest in Dublin, all original. Check out the snugs and knobs.
    NW Coast – Route to Achill Island and catch as much Donegal coastline as you can. My favorite.
    Bushmill’s Distillery – You’ll see many booze farms on your trip, don’t miss this one. Ancient, beautiful…delicious! Mixers prohibited.
    Portstewart – For the beach. Indescribable. More recently discovered as a film location. Game of Thrones. .
    Antrim Coast – Giant’s Causeway, yes, and the Rope Bridge. You’re going over and I want pictures! One of many Game of Thrones locations.
    Throughout – you’ll be tripping over castles, keeps, ruins. And yes, real abbeys. Skip the famous/familiar names, wander through the ones that capture your attention.
    Throughout — Don’t miss Newgrange. Truly ancient, and if there is a price for admission, make it “the one.”

    1. DR Reply

      Thank you for this, your advice is great. I’ll be sure to check a few of these off the list. I laughed about the rope bridge, I’ve read about it and, yes, I’m going over. I’ll be sure to share it, in a timely manner too! 🙂

  5. Erik Reply

    I’m hoping that your first couple of days have been fun! I’m eagerly awaiting updates!! Miss you Already

    1. DR Reply

      Thanks for being patient, I’m working hard on some great content!

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